• AI

    Gemini 1.5 Pro Multimodal AI Overview

    Artificial intelligence has developed rapidly in recent years and has become a technology that affects every aspect of our lives. One of the pioneers of this rapid change is the Gemini model developed by Google. This model, also known as Bard, has taken an important step in the world of artificial intelligence by using even higher processing power with its…

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  • Domainwww web

    What is Domain Backordering? How to Backorder a Domain?

    Domain names are increasing in value every day with the digitalization of the age we live in. In this rising sector, it is common for more than one person to want to buy an expired domain. When you see that your domain or a domain you want to buy has expired, you wonder when it will expire and how you…

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  • DomainExpired Domains

    ExpiredDomains: Domain Finder Tool (Detailed Explanation)

    When creating a website, it is important to choose an appropriate domain name to make an impressive impression and create a strong presence that accurately represents your brand. The domain is a key element that allows users to find your website, reflects your brand identity and is indexed by search engines. Ideally, your domain should be short, catchy, understandable and…

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  • DomainLife Cycle of a Domain

    Domain Processes: Life Cycle of a Domain

    Every domain name has a registration process and a cancellation process. Domains do not belong to you forever, you rent these domains. As long as you renew the domain regularly, the domain will belong to you. Learning the domain life cycle helps you understand when your domain will expire and after which processes the domain expires and after which processes…

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  • DomainDünyada Kaydedilen İlk 100 Domain

    100 Oldest Domain Names

    With approximately 150,000 domains being registered daily, have you ever heard that it takes more than 3 years to register the top 100 domains? And have you ever heard that it takes more than 3 years to register the top 100 domains? RANKCREATION DATEDOMAİN1March 15, 1985symbolics.com2April 24, 1985bbn.com3May 24, 1985think.com4July 11, 1985mcc.com5September 30, 1985dec.com6November 7, 1985northrop.com7January 9, 1986xerox.com8January 17, 1986sri.com9March…

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