What is Domain Backordering? How to Backorder a Domain?

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Domain names are increasing in value every day with the digitalization of the age we live in. In this rising sector, it is common for more than one person to want to buy an expired domain. When you see that your domain or a domain you want to buy has expired, you wonder when it will expire and how you can get it in the first place. Don’t worry, there is a much easier way. You can do domain backorder!

What is Domain Backordering?

Domain Backordering is a request to register a domain when a domain name that is about to expire moves to the expired domain position. Backordering the domain name you want to own will allow you to get ahead of other people who want to buy the domain.

How Does Domain Backordering Work?

To do domain backordering, you need to submit a request to a domain backordering company. This company tries to register the domain for you. When the domain expires, the domain is registered within seconds thanks to an algorithm. In domains, “The first one to register a domain owns it!” proceeds in logic. Since the first registrant will be the domain owner, the domain belongs to you if it is registered before other people. Domain Backorder companies try to register domains within seconds and if successful, they give you the domain.

Things to Consider When Getting Domain Backordering Service:

  • Domain capture speed is the most important factor, some companies can capture the domain even slower than normal registration. If someone registers the domain before the company you receive backorder service, you cannot have the domain.
  • Some domain companies charge a fee in advance, others charge a fee if successful. Some companies that receive the domain fee in advance refund the refund as the site balance if it fails.
  • Some companies allow only 1 person from their own company and some companies allow more than one person from their own company to receive backorder service. Some companies like DropCatch may auction the domain if more than one person has purchased the service.
  • If you want to register a domain that is valuable to you, I recommend that you do not get backorder service from companies other than the companies I will give below. Unreliable companies may not transfer the domain to you.

How Much Are Domain Backorder Fees?

Domain Backorder fees and conditions vary from company to company. Fees have nothing to do with the capture rate. The fees of some known domain companies are listed below.

The companies in this table are among the well-established and good companies. I recommend you to check the prices, prices can be changed by the companies.

My Recommended Backorder Company

My favorite company among them is DropCatch. Although it is more expensive than some companies, I like their services. Here are the reasons why I prefer this company:

  • DropCatch’s domain registration speed is much faster than most companies.
  • The price is more affordable than other fast companies.
  • You do not pay if the domain cannot be registered.
  • If more than one person applies through DropCatch, the domain is auctioned.

For these reasons, I usually use DropCatch. If you think that there are not many people who want the domain, you can try other companies. Dropcatch is not our sponsor, I wish they sponsored us ­čśů

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