About Me

Hello! I am Mehmet Ergüden. I am a young entrepreneur born in 2005 and I am currently years old. I was born in Ankara and I still live in Ankara. I continue my education life with Cankaya University software engineering department, which I started in 2023.

My interest in technology and my entrepreneurial spirit motivated me to realize my own projects at a young age. I started the Uptimon.com project in May 2020 and I am still working on it. I look forward to completing this startup project and bringing it to users.

At the same time, I laid the foundations of another startup project, OgrenciDostu.com, in June 2023. This platform is planned to facilitate students’ educational life and provide useful resources. Our project is progressing rapidly and I aim to realize it as soon as possible.

In addition, I have been a domain investor since 2021 and I closely follow this sector and share my knowledge on my mehmeterguden.com blog page.

Along with my entrepreneurial activities, I closely follow the dynamic structure of the internet world and the needs of users. Creating informative content about the domain industry, delivering my projects to internet users and attracting attention is an important step for me.

I am open to continuous self-improvement and learning and I like to follow developments in different sectors. My interest in technology helps me to offer user-friendly and innovative solutions in my projects.

I will continue to grow and progress as I gain experience and learn in my entrepreneurial journey. My goal is to benefit people with the projects I develop and strive to contribute to society. You can visit my website frequently to support me in this exciting journey, to learn about the domain industry and to get up-to-date information about my projects.

Contact: mail@mehmeterguden.com You can contact me via my e-mail address or my social media accounts.