Domain Processes: Life Cycle of a Domain

Every domain name has a registration process and a cancellation process. Domains do not belong to you forever, you rent these domains. As long as you renew the domain regularly, the domain will belong to you. Learning the domain life cycle helps you understand when your domain will expire and after which processes the domain expires and after which processes it becomes available for anyone to register.

I explained the domain cycle steps in the picture below:

Let us explain the steps of the domain life cycle.


If the domain is idle, shows the Available status code. Domains with this status code can be registered by anyone. You can use ICANN’s Whois Lookup tool to find out whether the domain is empty or full.


After the domain registration process is completed, the domain switches to Active status code. If the domain you are looking for has an active status code, that domain belongs to someone else. You can extend the minimum domain for 1 year, you can extend the maximum domain for 10 years. If you extend the domain in certain periods, you can have the domain for the period you extend without the domain becoming empty.

On Hold

If you reach the end of your domain term, it goes to On Hold status code. Your website and e-mail addresses belonging to the domain become unusable. You cannot transfer the domain to another domain company unless you pay the renewal fee. This period lasts approximately 45 days and you can renew your domain with the standard domain renewal fee.


If you do not pay the renewal fee of the domain during the On Hold period, it goes to the Redemption status code. It is the last right granted to the owner to re-extend the domain. This period lasts approximately 30 days and you must pay the penalty fee within 30 days to renew the domain.

Pending Delete

If you do not pay the domain during the Redemption period, the domain goes to the Pending Delete period. During this period, the domain does not belong to anyone, the domain is waiting to be deleted. After 5 days, the domain will belong to the first registrant. If it is an important domain for you, we recommend that you get backorder service for that domain to get it before anyone else.

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